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Performance Artist/Researcher/Mathematician


Independent artist and researcher, holds 2 PhD’s - in mathematics and in performative arts. For 20 years was also a teacher at the University of Évora, Portugal. As a performer has been working on self-re-presentations as concept and object, using different autobiographical tools as research communication, invisibility, loneliness, dance, movement analysis. As a researcher, she works on relational open models within different artists processes including her own. Co-owns a restaurant where, along with chef Diana Reis, tries to create a safe diverse work environment. In 2020 and 2021 developed two group performances focused on food and misogyny (Cooking Landscapes) and on nonnormative ways of co-living (Between Fear and Desire/It Could Be a Brand). In 2022 developed a solo project: Auto-Re-A, and in 2023/2024, comes back with an intersectional project between maths and performance art, "Menos por Menos é Mais".

Mathematics & Performance

  • Construction of / Research through performances, using mathematical tools.

  • Analysis, in real time, of movement possibilities in pre-decision moments.

  • Documentation of creation processes, associated theoretical models

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